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On my other sector aircraft call me heading approx 140 and need to be turned on to heading 220 before turning back onto 150 degrees to leave the sector. By Just me on Monday, Jan 1st 2018 18:52Z If You have never had a 90� turn in 20 years of flying than You have obviously never been on radar vectors with a standard approach pattern (what about downwind to base turn?). You must have always been cleared for straight-in approaches. Lucky You! Aah! Stefan we do not have any trouble with vikings. We are used to play against animals with bigger horns than them just for fun. By Norwegian90 on Saturday, Dec 30th 2017 15:51Z I have never in 20 years flying had an instruction for a 90 degree turn other than to avoid another aircraft, the fact that they had such an instructions followed by a TCAS RA says all you need to know by about this event. During bad weather a/c frequently ask for vectors to avoid bad weather, the seat belt acupuncture for rheumatoid arthritis signs will like have been on, but unless the Captain has instructed the cabin crew to be seated then they may well have still been walking around or in the galley but not seated. There is a very good reason that Spanish flight deck often will cite �Spanish ATC� as a threat during their approach briefing and its not in jest, this isn�t a viking crew if it was flying between OSL & ALC on a EI reg By (anonymous) on Saturday, Dec 30th 2017 13:43Z A 90 degree turn could indicate evasive action by ATC. In CB conditions the aircraft tend to request vectors through the same gaps so it can get hairy pretty quickly.

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